The Land Source incorporates passion, technology for success

Kansas City Business Journal - Original Article
February 25, 2011

Listings have soared at The Land Source and Evergreen Real Estate Services since it was created in February 2010 through the mergers of The Land Source, KCTerra Land Realty and Stag Commercial.

At the time, the commercial real estate brokerage company had 96 listings. Today, it has more than 260 listings and closed 34 deals in 2010.

The growth is due, in part, to the current economy, principal Pat Daniels said. But it’s also the product of what he calls “an almost perfect blend” of expertise and skills.

Daniels is equal partner in the firm along with Kevin Tubbesing, who founded KCTerra and Stag Commercial. He maintained the Stag Commercial brand for a while and rebranded that company in August as Evergreen Real Estate Services.

Daniels brought years of successful relationships and experience to the partnership. When he launched The Land Source a decade ago, Daniels said he had one goal: to
dominate the Kansas City market in selling land. He succeeded, and the company has become the “go to” expert on land, said Nathaniel Hagedorn, COO of Briarcliff Development Co.

“They’re very knowledgeable, and they’ve certainly carved out their niche,” he said.
Tubbesing brought a passion for real estate and selling land that reminded Daniels of himself. In addition, Tubbesing owned a technology company, which he sold in 2005, and he brought that expertise to the table.

“There’s no question that we’re now doing more business than we ever would have done on our own,” Daniels said.

Tubbesing added: “Pat has been able to augment my experiences with the tremendous amount that he has. There is no one better in land in Kansas
City than Pat. One of my areas is really putting together a fast-growing company.”

The Land Source operates as the parent company of Evergreen, which Tubbesing called the “improved products division — our ‘not land’ division.”

The two men, along with eight brokers or agents who work in the business as contractors, are building The Land Source and Evergreen in multiple ways. One is through updating and simplifying technology, Tubbesing said.

“We have assembled a singular database structure that integrates all the people we know and tracks over 3,700 properties,” he said. “It’s all the people we know, all the property we know. Our database cranks out our fliers with the click of a button. All that is integrated into an extremely powerful marketing program.”

Through online tracking, Tubbesing can tell that from Nov. 1 through mid-February, more than 8,000 fliers were downloaded. The website has been viewed 41, 763* times.

When the companies merged, The Land Source sent out marketing e-mails with attachments, Tubbesing said. Now, everyone in the database receives a graphic-based e-mail without attachments.

No matter how many e-mails go out, Daniels said he knows the key to building relationships is personal contact, and he and the brokers working at The Land Source make hundreds of phone calls every week.

Those relationships will benefit Evergreen, which will expand The Land Source beyond selling land. The focus right now is finding talented people to provide new services, Tubbesing said.

“We’re actually looking for retail and investment brokers,” Tubbesing said.

Already on board are individuals specializing in office and commercial brokerage.
“This is a company of leaders,” Tubbesing said. “We are not looking to bring on junior associates; we are looking to bring on leaders who are self-motivated and understand this is about excellent representation.”

Kevin Tubbesing, CCIMKevin Tubbesing, CCIM, is a Principal with Kansas City, Missouri-based real estate brokerage The Land Source. He can be reached at 913-562-5608 or