The Art of Land Realty

We hope you don’t mind, but you’ll never experience one of our brokers greet you at an open house with mints and cookies. We buy and sell land for commercial and development use – period.

We hear the whispers. This makes us kind of… unique… in the wide world of real estate brokerage. Whereas most firms take any type of business they can get, we only do land. It’s not that selling buildings and homes is a bad thing (right?), but as dirt simple as some might think the business of land realty is, in truth, it’s an art.

The ArtNo where in real estate does the confluence of capital financing, architecture, engineering, governmental pleasantries, utility services, storm water runoff, tax incentives, and grandma’s third-cousin-once-removed-co-trustee-still-on-the-deed, come into play more than in land realty. The Land Source has been there – on both sides of the many fences – and our experience will benefit you. Whether you’re buying, selling, or utilizing our growing site selection services, you will find that our ability to “move dirt” is second to none.

Bar none, The Land Source is the largest broker of land in the greater Kansas City metro area. There are over 1,500 real estate brokerage firms in the market and when considering the sale of your land, you should list your property with The Land Source. Saying that is the easy part. Demonstrating our value and worth will take a little more doing.

When considering the purchase or sale of land, we also dare you to compare. The in-depth research that we perform on all the property we represent provides tactical advantages to customers that buy our listed properties. They enter the transaction better informed and better able to analyze how to use the ground for their profit. This buyer confidence leads to a higher percentage of closings and moves more land.

In kind, our sellers benefit from the most professional, ethical, and complete representation in the market. Far from just erecting a sign and printing a fancy color flyer, we understand how the land can be used and seek out buyers to introduce to the product. Our proprietary database has been developed over 30 years of working land in this market and the intellectual property we can bring to bear for our sellers is second to none.

With over a century of experience our diverse and talented team members cover all needs and sectors within land realty. Our skills have enabled our clients and investors to profit from the application of cumulative judgment including the negotiation skills to get grandma’s third-cousin to sign the deed! Contact us today and put us to work for you!