Leslie Johnson began her real estate career in 2001 at Cohen-Esrey Real Estate Services working with Kansas City’s top land broker, Pat Daniels. When Daniels “Jerry McGuire’ed” to form his own land brokerage firm later that year, Johnson (aka Dorothy Boyd) declared “I will come with you Pat!” and The Land Source was born.

Johnson served every role within The Land Source over the next 9 years, including office manager, property researcher, designer and marketing manager, active sales agent, and executive assistant. Johnson has worked with every type of land working closely with both Buyers and Sellers while building excellent relationships with property owners, developers, governmental officials and the parties on the opposite side of our representation.

Johnson left The Land Source in 2010 to pursue a childhood dream of a career in the medical field but it wasn’t long before she realized how much she missed the real estate business. In 2012, Johnson returned to the industry, initially working in the residential sector before joining MD Management’s commercial development division. In 2013, she returned to The Land Source as an active agent in both Kansas and Missouri.

Johnson specializes in the Northland where she has lived for over 20 years, but performs a leadership role in all of the company’s client relationships touching all transactions performed in the company. She is an active member of the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce where she serves on the Planning and Development Committee and is an active member of the Platte County Economic Development Council where she serves on the KCI Area Development Plan Committee.